Dear Friends, Life is much like a garden. The most beautiful garden reaches its full potential and thrives because it continues to receive the proper nourishment and care. God creates and provides all that is needed: rich soil and seeds, sunshine and rain – the ingredients for growth and fulfillment.
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Cafe of Life has been absolutely life changing for my family. I’m in disbelief how many resources they have for families going through a tough time, and how quickly they come to the rescue. My husband, myself and our 2 year old, were in a terrible car accident. Up to
Jesus (82) and Ada (81) immigrated in the early 60’s and they have worked hard to survive in a different country, culture, and language. Life has not been easy as they raised 5 kids and now live on a low fixed income. Living independently during their golden years is enjoyable
Dear Friends,This is the time of Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on past and current blessings and for looking forward to the blessings to come. My heart fills with gratitude as I reflect on how much we have grown in the past 20 years from serving clients a meal in
Our recent and exciting news is the acquisition of a 2015 bus that includes newer safety features and space for our clients, their carry-on items and our volunteer drivers. This investment was necessary as the replacement for the nearly worn out 2003 bus. Our bus is used daily to transport
Last newsletter we introduced you to our children’s Music Program established just over a year ago. Well, we are delighted to report it is going great and expanding. The first recital held last December at Hope Lutheran Church was a tremendous success and we now have ten students learning piano
We are seeing a fairly large influx of new immigrants from Guatemala who are formally seeking asylum. Most are young males who have found their way to Bonita because they have a relative or friend here who can help. They experience barriers to finding good work. These include difficulties with
Our Outreach Program continues to expand with a full-time coordinator, Lety Santos with assistance from Nina Hart. This program focuses on providing case management, i.e. one-on-one assistance to clients while also distributing food, clothing and other essential items to clients unable to partake of services provided at our feeding site.

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