Outreach Program Continues to Expand

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Our Outreach Program continues to expand with a full-time coordinator, Lety Santos with assistance from Nina Hart.

This program focuses on providing case management, i.e. one-on-one assistance to clients while also distributing food, clothing and other essential items to clients unable to partake of services provided at our feeding site. Outreach is providing assistance to 350+ people monthly, with more than 20 of those senior citizens. Every Wednesday we deliver
bags of food to alternating migrant camps and every Tuesday we deliver 10 complete meals, provided by Christus Victor Church, to local seniors.

One Comment on “Outreach Program Continues to Expand”

  1. I been trying to find help for a homeless man living in his car. Once a week I take food and leave by car. Would like to get him help with clothes,cleaning his clothes food. The windows are half gone on car. Don’t know is story. Located behind plaza Wiggins Rd Walgreens. Plaza in back in car. Just trying to see if someone might reach out and see if he needs help. My number is 239-831-5865 thanks

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